Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's For Dinner

I've never been one that likes to cook, but for whatever reason, whenever I do cook, I go all out. It's weird, I know. I don't like day-to-day cooking, but there's something about Sunday dinner that I think is special. I love to have the family sit down on Sunday to a good meal. The weekend is over, and the work week will begin. Sunday is the day to just unwind with a good meal and a good nap afterwards.

So, a couple of months ago, I came across this recipe, and have been wanting to try it ever since. I love baked beans. This sounds so good, but the lambic beer kinda threw me for a loop. I'm a little leery of alcohol, but since I don't know right now what would be a good substitute, I will try it. If I can think of something to use instead of the beer, I will next time.

I couldn't think of what else to serve with it, because who wants to eat just baked beans? Well, since this is a hearty recipe, I thought maybe I'd do a grilled sirloin salad. I wanted arugula, but couldn't find any, so I got escarole. I found some nice sirloin for the family, and the Morningstar Farm Steak Meal Starter for me, along with sliced portabello mushrooms. I just recently got a grill thanks to Freecycle, and thought this would be the perfect time to try it out.

Now, to complicate matters, I the most recent edition of Mother Earth News has a wonderful bread recipe. I have been on a bread baking kick for almost a year now. My poor Kitchenaid is about to give up the ghost. I am really praying it lasts until I can get my new toy. I have been salivating for this mixer. Apparently, you can do six loaves in one batch. I will probably never buy store bought bread again (yeah, right).

I am also going to do basic yellow cake with lemon curd and raspberries. I don't have a recipe for that since it's basically in my head, but if you happen to come across The King Arthur Flour Baking Companion, the main recipe is on page 352.

Well, I'd better get busy--I've got a lot of cooking to do, and I do hate to cook, lol. I will try and post pictures tomorrow and update everyone on how the meal came out.

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